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 South Western Class "B" Championships Release and Waiver Form

Team Name:_______________________________



I ________________________ ,hereby attest that I / we fully represent all the fans, parents or legal guardians of all participants of said team, and that of said parents or legal guardians of all participants of said team, Have full knowledge of this waiver and have given their consent for me / us to represent them in executing this waiver.
Pursuant to this consent, I / we assume the risk of any injuries or property damage by any member of said team and their fans in pursuit of any activity / activities and transportation to and from these said activities of the A.S.A South- Western Class "B" Championships, A.S.A or its Host M.G.S.L.
Therefore, I / we remise, release, acquit, discharge and hold harmless A.S.A. and their representatives and staff, the McKeesport Girls Softball League, the City of McKeesport, their successors, and assignees (including but not limited to all affiliates, organizers, sponsors, supervisors, coaches, officers, employees, directors, board members, or any other party or individual associated with A.S.A., M.G.S.L., or the City of McKeesport ) from any and all claims of any kind, and all liability now or hereafter accrued which may result due to an injury or property damage to any party associated with said team.
I / we understand and acknowledge that A.S.A., the McKeesport Girls Softball League and the City of McKeesport does not carry any type of hospitalization or property damage insurance to protect the participants of said team and their fans, related to any activities of the said tournament. Therefore, I / we understand and agree to be totally responsible to provide the appropriate hospitalization and property damage insurance for said team and fans, while said team is involved in any manner with the A.S.A. Southwestern Class "B" Championships. Therefore I / we acknowledge and represent that I / we have read this "Release and Waiver Form" and fully understand the contents contained herein. In witness thereof, I / we have executed this form the____________day of____________________,2004.

Team Representative:____________________________________________(Signature)

Team Name:____________________________________________________(Print)

Insurance Carrier:_______________________________________________

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