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 General Rules
A.S.A rules apply and the umpire will explain the ground rules prior to each game.

Tournament Type: Slow Pitch Double Elimination

Rosters: 15 players per team as explained in the general information. Birth certificates for each player must be maintained by the manager and presented if requested by a Tournament Official.

Pitching Distances:
8 and under- Coach pitch from 30 feet
10  and under- 40 feet
12 and under-  46 feet
14 and under- 50 feet
16 and under- 50 feet
18 and under- 50 feet

Base Distances:
  8 and under- 50 feet
10 and under - 60 feet
12 and  under- 60 feet
14 and under- 65 feet
16 and under- 65 feet
General Rules:
                  Numbered shirts with no duplicate numbers must be  worn. Facemask, Chest Protectors and Catchers Helmets are mandatory. (Shin Guards are optional)

                  Line up cards must be turned in to the umpire 15 minutes before the start of the game or upon  an umpire or tournament Official's request.

                   Home team is determined by the Umpire's coin toss before the start of each game.

                   Infield fly and 3rd strike tip rule in effect for all divisions except  8 and 10 under divisions.

                   For all divisions except for 8 and under the following run ahead rule will be used: 15 runs after 4 innings and 10 runs after 5 Innings.

                   All legal protests will be submitted to your game umpire. All protests will be submitted to your onsite individual field monitor through your umpire. Determinations concerning protests will be made at that point of the game between the Tournament Official (s) and the Tournament UIC ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL.

                   Rules of  8 and under, coaches pitch will be provided and discussed at the Pairing Meeting.
                 There will be no practice on the infields throughout the entire tournament.

                    Misconduct and or foul language from fans, managers, coaches, players and staff will not be tolerated. Offenders will be ejected from the complex and could result in dismissal of team from the Tournament.

                    Any team not available to play by 10 minutes after start time will forfeit. Any player found to be over the age limit or classified as a class A player, or classified as anything other than a class B player,THE TEAM WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM THE ENTIRE TOURNAMENT.


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