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In order to celebrate our 32nd Season of M.G.S.L. Softball the following dates are important. We Thank you for your cooperattion!
All money must be to coaches by April 10, 2004

Varsity gold card- Sell 6 at $10.00 each

Monthly Calendar Card- Sell 5 each per month at $5.00 each 15 total

Night At The Races Horses- Sell 3 at $10.00 each

Fundraiser Buyout info

Full Buy Out- 120.00 For the first child $110.00 for each additional child

Gold Card Buy Out- $30.00

Monthly Calendar- $30.00

Night At The Races- $30.00

All Buy Out monies also must be to coaches by April 10, 2004

Night At The Races  
May 1, 2004
7:00 PM
This event will be held at the main pavillion at  Renziehausen Park .

B-94 Benefit Game
Time and Date to be Announced